Exhibitor Information is currently TBA.
Once we know more, this page will be updated.

Exhibitor Set-Up

Exhibitor Set Up on Thursday August 31st from 10am to 6pm.
NOTE: the freight elevator schedule is from 12:00 PM to 3:00 PM
Exhibitor Forms
To reserve a booth or table as an Exhibitor:
USN Gathering Exhibitor Agreement
To order Electricity for your booth or table, use these forms:
Forms are in PDF format. If you need one, you can download the free PDF reader here:
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Airways Freight
Planet Hollywood Business Center
PH Business Center
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Table Layout Information

Tables are layed out in groups of 4, referred to as 'Quads'. A quad consists of 4 exhibitors arouind a central round table. The center table has a 3 foot diameter.

Each long table is 2 feet wide by 6 feet long, and comes with two chairs. Each quad also has at least one waste basket, black table cloths and one tissue dispenser.

Quad Layout

Gathering Awards Categories

Please note that any given item can only be entered in one category for judging.

Best Tactical Folder
Blade capable of slashing, cutting, penetrating, stabbing. Easily deployable with one hand. Comfortable, useable in any position or grip. Some “slide up” protection is preferred. This category also includes automatics- both side opening and OTFs.

Best Tactical Fixed Blade
Combat or fighting knife, but also includes swords, bayonets etc. Adequate guard or hand protection preferred.

Best Utility Folder
No restrictions on blade shape provided adequate cutting action is allowed. No restrictions on grip positions or handle configuration.

Best Utility Fixed Blade
Same as Utility Folder.

Best Art Knife (Folder or Fixed Blade)
Any type of knife to be judged on quality of construction as well as decoration, embellishment, rare or unusual materials including engraving, carving, etching, etc.

Best Accessory
Items to be judged on originality of design, innovation and utilitarian value related to knife or non-knife making, carry, storage or function.

Best Bling (Jewelry)
Jewelry or body adornment with preference given to items which are related to knives or knife collecting.

Best New Knifemaker
Check the box next to this category on the entry form if you have been making knives for two (2) years or less and wish to be considered for this category.

Judges Award
The Judges will present an award for craftsmanship which may not have achieved top billing in a category but is worthy of special recognition, in a knife, or non-knife related category.

Best Factory Folder
Manufactured (not custom or hand made) knives of any style or grip.

Best in Show
Awarded to the entry that the judges assess has the best overall representation of the Cutler’s craft.

RULES: Entry forms will be handed out during set-up, Friday during the show or can be picked up from the show staff. Note change in times: Entries may be submitted beginning at 1:30pm on Friday and all entries need to be in to the judging area (registration desk corner) no later than 3pm. Entries should be available for pickup around 5pm. The awards ceremony will be held at 5:30pm on the Lottery Platform.

To qualify for submitting an entry you and any collaborator must have a table at the show. Multiple entries from the same maker are accepted, but each entry may only be entered in one category. The awards are for custom, handmade knives only and must be submitted by the maker. Only one category per entry. All entries must be of the maker’s original design, created within the last 18 months and may not have been entered at previous Gatherings (new variants of existing models are acceptable). The Gathering is not liable in any way for the submitted knife while under the care of The Gathering. By entering, the entrant confirms that they have read all and agreed to these rules. These rules are subject to change anytime before the contest judging begins.